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The Dineamic Halopack: The science behind our eco-friendly packaging

As the days and months continue to tick by in 2021, many of us are dreaming about visiting beautiful beaches and picturesque coastlines from around the globe (anyone for a poolside cocktail?). The truth is though, the beauty of such destinations is in jeopardy - and the longer we neglect that, the worse the war on waste and plastic becomes. 

To put things into perspective, you might be shocked to learn that according to the WWF

  • Australia produces nearly 3 million tonnes of plastic per annum 
  • Of that 3 million tonnes, less than 12% is recycled; and 
  • 130,000 tonnes of this plastic will end up in the ocean 

To further understand these mind-boggling numbers, each Aussie uses around 130kg of plastic per year - meaning 30kg worth could end up as pollution. That 30kg could include plastic bags (taking 20 years to break down), plastic straws (taking 200 years to break down) and other items like plastic water bottles and cups (taking a whopping 450 years to break down! No one wants to be outlived by their waste…right?). 

At Dineamic, we know ready-made meals are great for convenience, but often convenience comes at the expense of sustainability. In sticking to our ‘better for you’ and ‘better for the planet’ mission, we scoured the globe for the most sustainable packaging on the market. And that’s exactly what our customers enjoy their delicious Dineamic meals in today, and everyday. 

Introducing the Halopack

When we introduced Halopack, we invited everyone in the Dineamic community to become an ECO-TEAR-IAN. Halopacks are easy (and fun) to use. Once your nutritious meal is finished, just tear the film, separating it from the cardboard, then place the cardboard in the recycling bin and the film in soft plastics (if accessible).

To some people’s surprise, cardboard that is heavily contaminated with food and/or grease can’t actually be recycled (unless your council specifies otherwise). For example, many pizza boxes or takeaway containers made from cardboard can’t be recycled. Some can be composted if you have the means to do so. Otherwise, they’re landfill. That’s why with Halopack, separating cardboard from food means it’s in perfectly good knick to be recycled. 

Why Halopack?

Keeps food fresh

With Halopack we can ensure the optimal preservation (all natural, of course!) of our delicious Dineamic meals. We use farm-fresh, Aussie produce and have nothing to hide. With a clear top, you can feast your eyes on our delicious meals. After all, we eat with our eyes (first)!   

Uses the bare minimum resources 

Dineamic’s meals have slipped into something more sustainable with Halopack recyclable eco-packaging. Halopack uses the bare minimum of resources for production, with the trays using 92% less plastic than other ready-made meal trays. 

Has a low carbon footprint 

Halopack has a low environmental footprint, with less food and cardboard waste. Given the packing is lightweight, it’s great for transporting and means less emissions are produced in getting our delicious meals into supermarkets, and to your door. 

Is free of additives 

Some packaging manufacturers take shortcuts - ones we disagree with and would never pass on to our customers. Halopack doesn’t use additives like PE-coatings, lime and adhesives during the production process. The packaging ensures food is kept clean and conserved at its optimum. 

Why Dineamic and Halopack are such a good fit 

We know the environment is something our customers care deeply about, and Halopack is an important part of Dineamic’s sustainability goals. By using halopack, we’re living up to our ‘better for the planet’ ethos. 

Better for the planet 

Our team works hard to ensure we have as little impact on the earth as possible. We source sustainably grown ingredients from local Aussie farmers and package our meals in Halopack eco packaging, which reduces over 20 tonnes of plastic a year. Our food is prepared in a 100% carbon neutral kitchen, and we only cook to order to minimise food waste.

Shop with Dineamic and become an Eco-tear-ian today! 

Whether you’re a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, pescatarian, ovo vegetarian, lacto vegetarian, fruitarian, you’re now an ECO-TEAR-IAN with Dineamic. Shop our delicious, nutritious meals today.