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4 Health Eating Mistakes You Don’t Need to Make

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Well, it’s officially summer. That means the stream of posts containing bikini clad bods, perfect smoothie bowls, and the latest cleanse will only increase for the next few months.

You’re eating healthy and exercising but there’s something that still isn’t adding up. We’ve been there! But what if we told you that you might be sabotaging yourself without realising? Yep, here are 4 healthy eating mistakes you might be making without even realising it!

1. You mistake ‘low fat’/ ‘no added sugar’ to mean something is healthy

Unfortunately, these cheeky health claims don’t always mean that the contents are healthy. Always take a look at the actual ingredients list and nutritional panel rather than the health claims on the front. This is the best way to check what is really in them – if it has a load of words you need to google, it’s probably best to steer clear, but if the ingredients that are mentioned are fruit, veggies or grains, then you’re probably on the right track.

Tip: Products that claim ‘no added sugar’ could still contain artificial or naturally occurring sweeteners, or sugar alternatives. While natural is better, keep in mind that there may be a combination of sugars in your food, both added & naturally occurring in the ingredients, and they can add up. It’s just about moderation.

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2. You overeat healthy food

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make. You make the swap to a healthy food, only to continue eating more than you really need. This is really a lesson in understanding portion sizes and making use of them when creating your meals. Check out the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, as it has a heap of information about achieving a balanced diet as well as portion sizes for various types of ingredients. As many of you know, these are the guidelines that we swear by when creating out meals at Dineamic.

If you find that portion sizes are something that you struggle to control, a meal solution like Dineamic can help as we’ve already taken care of the hard part.

Tip: When making salads try to incorporate some grains, healthy fats (e.g. seeds/ nuts), a mixture of veggies in different colours, and try not to overload on things like cheese & candied nuts (we know, cheese is our downfall too). Grains are a source of fibre and wide range of vitamins, and eating the rainbow helps provide your body with a range of different nutrients.

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3. You get convinced to try the latest fad diet or cleanse

We get it, we really do. When you’re after results or you’re bombarded with celebs posting about the fad diet or cleanse that has helped them lose 20kgs in 4 days, it’s only natural to be curious about it.

Our advice? Try eating a balanced diet & exercising instead. Yep, that old chestnut. But in truth, the reason why the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating exists is to ensure that our bodies are getting enough of what they need, while limiting the things that we shouldn’t overload on. Simple as that. It’s easy to follow and doesn’t involve spending money on books or gadgets to go with it. It’s about healthy choices and long-term health results rather than quick fixes and yoyo dieting.

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Yes, we know that the title says healthy eating mistakes, but hear us out. Drinking enough water can have a multitude of positive effects on your body. When it comes to eating healthy, being hydrated helps your body absorb and transport nutrients which means you get the most out of the good food you’re eating, as well as helping your digestive system function.

Aside from the food-related benefits, staying adequately hydrated also contributes to regulating temperature (handy on hot days), and is a key factor in getting your glow on with clear skin.

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Tell us in the comments what your favourite healthy eating tip is!

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