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Our meals are delivered chilled, via refrigerated transport.

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If you don’t plan on eating your meals by the use-by date, you can absolutely freeze them. When you're ready to eat, we advise reheating the meal from frozen instead of defrosting or thawing your meal out first. It'll take about 5-6 minutes in the microwave.

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What is the best plant based meat company?

What is the best plant based meat company?

What's the best plant based meat company? 

Have you ever considered plant-based meat? Think about this, you head down to the nearest grocery store and find yourself conflicted as you stare at a fridge packed full of plant-based meat products. Sounds familiar? If you have ever been in a similar situation or simply wondering which plant-based meat product to choose, we are here to help you reach that decision.    

Let’s explore the options when it comes to plant-based meats. Here are our top contenders.  

1#. Future Farm  

Number 1 in our eyes. Future Farm offers Future Burger, Future Mince, Future Meatballs, and Future Tuna products. Taste the future at these awesome places: Dineamic and Coles outlets in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, Queensland, and South Australia.  See why we chose Future Farm here. 

Main ingredients: Mixture of vegetable protein such as chickpea, soy, and pea.  


  • No artificial colours, preservatives, and flavours 
  • No genetic modification 
  • Gluten free 
  • Kosher and Halal certified 
  • No cholesterol or added sugar 
  • No hydrogenated fats  

v2 Food 

v2 Foods offers v2burger patties, v2mince, v2sausage, v2schnitzel, v2tenders, and a range of ready-made meals using the plant-based meat. Find these products in Woolworths, Coles, Dinnerly, and various fast-food outlets across Australia.  

Main ingredient: Soy protein 


  • No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives 
  • No genetic modification 
  • Palm oil free 

Impossible Foods 

Impossible Foods offers Impossible burger patties, Impossible beef, Impossible pork, Impossible sausage, and Impossible chicken nuggets. The plant-based beef products are available in Woolworths and various fast food outlets. While, Impossible pork is only available in two restaurants in Victoria. As of now, Impossible sausage and Impossible chicken nuggets are not yet available in Australia.  

Main ingredient:  Soy protein 


  • Gluten free certified  
  • Kosher and halal certified 

Beyond Meat  

Beyond Meat offers Beyond burger, Beyond beef, Beyond sausage, Beyond meatballs, Beyond beef crumbles, Beyond chicken, and Beyond jerky. Get your hands on these products at Woolworths, Coles, IGA, local grocery stores, and various fast-food outlets across Australia.  

Main ingredient:  Pea protein 


  • No soy and gluten  
  • No genetic modification 
  • Kosher certified 


vEEF offers a range of frozen and chilled plant-based meat options for beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. Get them at Woolworths, Coles, IGA, and a few restaurant outlets across Australia.  

Main ingredients: Vegetable protein from soy, pea, or wheat  

Shiitake mushroom (Veef artisan products: pulled beef, pork, and lamb)  


  • No genetic modification  
  • Free from MSG and palm oil     
  • No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives 

The MEET Co. 

The MEET Co. offers plant-based burgers, tenders, strips, and meatballs. Products are available widely in Coles, IGA, local supermarkets, and restaurants in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, and South Australia.  

Main ingredients: Plant protein such as soy and wheat 


  • No genetic modification  
  • No cholesterol  
  • Halal suitable 

Sophie’s Kitchen  

Sophie’s Kitchen focuses on plant-based seafood products such as shrimp, crab cakes, fish fillet, smoked salmon, and fish burgers. Products are only sold in USA but it is available in Amazon and other online stores.  

Main ingredient:   Pea protein 


  •  Gluten and soy free 
  • No genetic modification 

Let's compare their plant based burger pattys:



Nutrition comments/ comparison (per serving) 

Future Farm: Future Burger 

$6 for 2 x 115g 

  • Contains soy  
  • Lowest energy content (930kJ) and sodium content (255mg)  


$8-9 for 4 x 115g 

  • Contains soy 
  • Highest protein content (20g, 2-4g difference) 
  • Lowest carbohydrate content (3g difference) 

Impossible Burger Patties 

$9.50 for 2 x 113g 

  • Contains soy and genetically modified soy 
  • Lowest total fat (13g) 

Beyond Meat: Beyond Burger 

$11 for 2 x 113g 

  • High protein content (20g) 


vEEF Burger Patties 

$6.50 - 8.50 for 2 x 113g 

  • Contains soy and gluten 
  • May contain peanuts 
  • Lowest saturated fat (1.4g) 



Let's compare their plant based mince:



Nutrition comments/ comparison (per serving) 

Future Farm: Future Mince 

$6 for 250g 

  • Contains soy 
  • Lowest energy content (809kJ) and sodium content (222mg) 

V2 Plant Based Mince 

$7.50 for 400g 

  • Contains soy 
  • Highest protein content (18g) 

Impossible Plant Based Beef Mince 

$11.25 for 340g 

  • Contains soy and genetically modified soy 
  • Lowest total fat (11g) and saturated fat (5g)  

Beyond Meat: Beyond Mince 

$12 for 300g 

  • Lowest carbohydrate content (7g) 


Let's compare their plant based meatballs:



Nutrition comments/ comparison (per serving) 

Future Farm: Future Meatballs 

$6 for 250g 

  • Contains soy 
  • Low in sodium content (278mg) 

Beyond Meat: Beyond Meatballs 

$15 for 290g 

  • Highest protein content (19g, 2-8g difference) 

vEEF Meatballs 

$6 for 400g 

  • Contains soy and gluten 
  • Low in total fat (12g) and saturated fat (1g) 

MEET Meatballs 

$9.50 for 240g 

  • Contains soy and gluten 
  • Lowest energy (754kJ) and carbohydrate content (3g) 
  • Low in total fat (12g), saturated fat (1g), and sodium (276mg) 


Let's compare their plant based burger tuna:



Nutrition comments/ comparison (per serving) 

Future Farm: Future Tuna 

$6.50 for 150g 

  • Contains soy  
  • Higher protein content (11g) 
  • Lower sodium content (308mg) 

Sophie’s Kitchen: Plant-based toona 

$35 for 3 cans x 170g 

  • Lower energy (502kJ), total fat (1g difference), saturated fat (0.5g), and carbohydrate content (4g) 


Are you keen to get your hands on some of this plant-based meat products?  

You should pick one that’s best suited for you. Whether you’re looking for the one with the best meat-like texture and flavour, cheapest option, or one that suits your dietary requirement. There’s a product that’ll be right for you.  

As for us, we choose Future Farm’s products. Future Farm offers both the flavour and texture that is meat-like, affordable, good source of protein, and low in sodium content. Future Farm provides delicious products without sacrificing the future through integrating sustainable practices. If you want to try Future Farm products, it is available in Coles or checkout Dineamic’s ready-to-eat plant-based meals. 

 Angyln Sigua


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