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Why Future Farm

Why Future Farm? 

With the launch of our new plant-based ready meals, you may be wondering, “why Future Farm? Or why meatless meat?” 

What made you look for a plant-based meat option? 

Vegetarian and vegan are two of the most searched-for diets, with many people adopting these lifestyles or parts of it like meatless days or meals, so it’s no surprise that the demand for plant-based meal options has increased.  

We’ve always used the Australian Dietary Guidelines as the base of our new product development and recipe creations, the guidelines currently recommend including meat-free meals in your week (1). The Australian Heart Foundation endorses a weekly limit of 350g red meat (2), whilst the Australian Dietary Guidelines suggest a limit of 455g red meat per week(3).  

As a country we’re over-consuming when it comes to meat, Australians eat an estimated 115kg of meat per capita ~ 2.2kg per week, greatly exceeding recommendations (4). Health and trends aside, over consuming meat is costing our environment, which we care deeply about.  

What made Future Farm stand out from the rest? 

Future Farm’s passion for innovation and sustainability is where we felt an immediate connection. They set out to find sustainably sourced ingredients and continuously work on evolving their products to meet the demands of their customers. 

However, we understand there is backlash brewing in this industry, with some customers questioning the ‘healthiness’ of these alternative proteins and whether they are more sustainable than regular meat. 

Because of this, we set out to find a meatless meat product, we wanted to offer our customers the best, so we did the research for you. 

To put it simply, Future Farm ticked all of our boxes. 

  1. Clean and natural ingredients  
  2. Low sodium content  
  3. Low saturated fat content  
  4. No added nasties  
  5. Cares about the environment  
  6. Cares about nutrition  
  7. Tastes GREAT  

              What ingredients do Future Farm use? 

              Future Farm's plant-based products are made from just eight ingredients, all of which you should recognise; chickpea, pea, soybean, plant extracts, canola oil, coconut oil, beetroot and salt. 

              We're so proud of this partnership and the meals we've created for you. So, we're inviting you to eat the future with FIVE delicious plant-based ready meals powered by Future Farm. 

              Vegetarian, flexitarian, or just straight-up delicious ready meals—ready when you are. Shop the story.

              Shop the range:  

              Pumpkin & Future Mince Bolognese with Ricotta Tortellini 

              Harissa Future Meatballs with Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous 

              Future Meatballs with Creamy Tomato Sauce and Casarecce  

              Future Mince Sri Lankan Curry with Rice & Broccoli 

              Umami Mushroom & Future Mince Stir-Fry with Rice & Green Beans 


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