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Dineamic Sports Ambassador - Jessica Gray

This week we have a guest article from Dineamic Sports Ambassadors, powerlifter Jessica Gray. We asked her what are the three most important areas of her life, and how she manages to make time for all of them.


Supporting my husband who is a remedial therapist. He also is very much into fitness like myself, he plays basketball frequently and we try to make time to train together. I believe that training and eating well together makes us stronger as a couple. My son Jimmy, who is three years old, comes with us to the gym. I want him to grow up in an environment that is positive towards exercise and leading a healthy life style.


Nutrition is another area of my life that is essential in supporting a healthy family life and ensuring that I can perform my best at training. I would love jimmy to be brought up in an environment around good food and exercise. One of the things I like about Dineamic is that its convenience allows me to spend more time with my family, whilst knowing that we all will have a balanced diet free of chemicals and additives. I use to spend hours every few days cooking food for my family and myself, which has now significantly reduced giving me more time to do the things that are really important.


Finally, the other area would have to be training. I love to train, even if I don’t have a competition coming up soon, I will still train with my family. I hope to improve my bench press over the next few years to be able to be more competitive at the Paralympic level. I am currently 4th in the Commonwealth and 9th in the world, if I can move up to top 6 in the world to be selected to go to the 2016 Paralympic games. I have two international competitions between now and then to improve in order to move up in my ranking to be selected to go. My main focus is to be strong but injury free. In the sport of powerlifting if you have time and dedication you can go a long way. I try hard to juggle all aspects of my life together well, this does not always happen, but I believe with positivity and perseverance this can be possible. As well as being a Dineamic Sports Ambassador, Jessica is also an Ambassador for MS Australia, follow her on instagram here. She is also currently also raising money to assist her in qualifying for the Paralympics in Rio 2016, read more about how you can support her to reach her goal here