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Dinner (and you) are taken care of

Meet the new dream team – our delish mains and their new besties... our 9 NEW side dishes. They’re best known for getting dinner on the table in 5 minutes, giving you time back in your day.  We do the work and you get the glory. 

We have to admit sometimes we get to the end of the day and want a healthy dinner, but the thought of preparing and cooking is just too much! That’s why we created our mains and sides.  

 Our chefs create healthy food that tastes just like homemade, so all you have to do is heat it up on stovetop or microwave after a long day at work or running around after the kids (or both!) 


Mixed Potato Mash - A rustic blend of white and sweet potatoes creates this slightly sweet and fluffy mash. The perfect side to carry a hearty main like our Slow Cooked Mediterranean Beef or Low FODMAP Chicken Cacciatore.  

Turmeric & Currant Rice - Traditional to Indian cuisine, this side is a perfect match to our rich Indian curries. The fragrant taste of turmeric and sweet bursts of currants work in harmony with the fluffy rice. Add this to our Butter Chicken, Indian vegetable Curry or Lamb Korma Curry  

Roasted Chat Potatoes - To all our potato lovers, this one’s for you. These roasted chat potatoes are cooked perfectly with a firm rustic skin and a creamy, soft inside. Well-seasoned and ready to complement our mains, serve these up with our Lamb & Rosemary Ragout, Slow Cooked Mediterranean Beef or really any dish!  

Spiral Pasta with Broccoli - Al dente spiral pasta blended with broccoli and ready to accompany our mains. Pair our pasta up with Beef Stroganoff, Mushroom & Lentil Bolognese or Beef Bolognese.   

Coconut Cauliflower Rice Rice with a health twist, try our fluffy cauliflower rice. Cooked in coconut oil for a light coconutty flavour,  complementing our coconut-based dishes including our Beef Rendang Curry or Butter Chicken Curry.  

Wild Rice Blend - An earthy blend of brown rice, wild rice and quinoa. A great side to cut through a rich main or add a health kick to your meal. Try this blend with our Indian Vegetable Curry or Soy & Ginger Beef.   

Turmeric & Parsley Couscous - Pearl couscous cooked in turmeric and mixed with parsley. This side dish will add texture and freshness to your mains, we recommend serving this with our Middle Eastern Vegetable Tagine and Moroccan Beef Tagine.   

Cajun-Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges - Chunky and rustic - these sweet potato wedges are lightly seasoned in Cajun spices to make the perfect addition to your meal. Served alongside our Beef Chili Con Carne or Moroccan Lamb Tagine.   

Broccoli, Cauliflower & Brown Rice Blend - Diced cauliflower and broccoli are tossed in brown rice for a nutty blend. Complementing our healthy well-balanced mains, this side goes with our Thai Green Chicken Curry and Sweet Potato & Coconut Curry. 

Those of you unfamiliar with our mains, they’re our “meals for two” option. They’re 500g of pure deliciousness from Thai curries to Moroccan tagines to Mexican burrito mixes to rich Italian sauces, and are ready to be accompanied by our 9 NEW sides.  

The sides were created to match our array of cuisines, so once you’ve decided on your mains for the week, you just choose what you’re in the mood to pair it withAnd if you need a little help, we’ve made the job easier again buy picking out what we think are matches made in heaven. We’ve also created the beginners guide below. And for those who still want to bring a touch of a master chef to the kitchen you can go a step further, by adding more homemade additions to your dish and take it to expert level!  

Beginners Guide! 


Dineamic Sides 

Extra for Experts 

Indian Vegetable Curry 

Wild Rice Blend   

Coconut Cauliflower Rice  

Turmeric & Currant Rice  


  • Raita 
  • Naan bread 
  • Papadums 
  • Fresh chilli 

Beef Stroganoff 

Mixed Potato Mash  

Cajun-Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges  

Spiral Pasta with Broccoli  

  • Steamed beans 
  • Pop in a ramekin and top with puff pastry. 

Chicken Burrito Mix 

Wild Rice Blend 

Cajun-Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges  

Broccoli, Cauliflower & Brown Rice Blend  

  • Guacamole 
  • Soft shell tacos 
  • Salsa 
  • Fresh chilli 

Creamy Wild Mushroom Ragu 

Spiral Pasta with Broccoli  

Mixed Potato Mash  

Roasted Chat Potatoes  

  • Steamed beans 
  • Use it as a steak sauce. 


Extra for experts recipe example: 



1x 500g Dineamic Slowed Cooked Mediterranean Beef (or any main of your choice) 

1x sheet of puff pastry 

1x egg or tablespoon oil 

2 x small ramekins or bowls 

PREP: Lay out fresh sheet of puff pastry, place the ramekin on the pastry and with a knife gently trace the outline. These are your pie tops. Heat Dineamic pack in the microwave for 4-5mins. Divide the Slow Cooked Beef into the ramekins evenly and place the pie tops on top on the ramekin. Baste the pastry with olive oil or egg, so they brown nicely. Cook for 20mins or until pastry is golden brown. 

SERVING: We recommend serving with our Mixed Potato Mash and steamed green beans.  

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