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A Beginner’s Guide to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Living More Sustainably. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint and Living More Sustainably. 

Your carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by your actions.  Let’s break that down. What are greenhouse gase...
Alex Pendlebury's Three Ingredient Pancakes

Alex Pendlebury's Three Ingredient Pancakes

  My "secret" recipe and Pendlebury family fave! Plus they're a great balance of healthy carbs, protein and fats, and with a serve of fruit in them...
Food For Gut Health - Our Top 5 Picks!

Food For Gut Health - Our Top 5 Picks!

  Gut health, the hottest nutrition topic of the 21st Century, but what does it mean and how do you obtain a healthy gut?  Let’s get started with t...

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Share Christmas with Dineamic & FareShare

Share Christmas with Dineamic & FareShare

Tough, a word we can likely all use to sum up 2021. While your tough may differ from your neighbour’s, we have all experienced it in some way, sha...
How to Use Our Mains and Sides!

How to Use Our Mains and Sides!

We must admit, sometimes we get to the end of the day and want a healthy dinner, but the thought of preparing and cooking is just too much. Well, ...
Dineamic Foodstore South Yarra

Dineamic Foodstore South Yarra

Our Dineamic Foodstore, located in the heart of South Yarra, supplies our entire range of ready meals for one, mains & sides and soups. One of...

Meet our nutritionist team!

When we say nutrition’s in our DNA we mean it, so we’d love to introduce you to our team of qualified nutritionists. These are the faces behind our blogs and nutrition content, the minds that help create your meals, and a window into the talented team we have at Dineamic.

Karen Inge: Dineamic Founder & Accredited Practising Dietitian

Master of Dietetics, Deakin University

The heart and soul of the Dineamic Nutrition Team, Karen is not only an inspiration to our team but is revered as an established leader in her field, with a career filled with many milestones and big wins. Karen is also no stranger to the footy community, being the first dietitian in the game, working for Collingwood and Hawthorn, which is what lead her to cofounding Dineamic. Outside of Dineamic, Karen is a director of St Vincent’s institute of Medical Research (SVI), Chair of the SVI Foundation, and a Fareshare Ambassador. Find Karen on 3AW every Tuesday to uncover nutrition topics or follow her via kareninge.com

Rachael Hua: Assembly & New Product Development Manager

Bachelor of Science, Master of Human Nutrition, Deakin University

Our go-to gal, Rachael manages our assembly line and new product development. The queen of the kitchen keeping us all in check while creating meals that not only taste great but fit the dietary guidelines and food standards too. She has an eye for detail ensuring all the meals that leave our kitchen deliver on everything we stand for. Rachel is passionate about public health nutrition, food safety and microbiology, and nutrition myth busting! Outside of work, Rachel loves travelling and exploring different food cultures, geeking out on new food science and nutrition research, and binging netflix!

Favorite meal: Depending on her mood, Soy & Ginger Beef with Hokkien Noodles or Pumpkin & Kale Risotto.

Hana Robinson: Customer Experience Manager and Nutrition Lead

Master of Human Nutrition, Deakin University

Not only did Hana master nutrition but she also studied psychology, no wonder she’s our amazing Customer Experience Manager too! Hana is passionate about sports nutrition and healthy eating for kids! Being a proud mum of two, you can often find Hana baking cupcakes with her kids, or having her ‘me’ time reading, exercising, or watching Netflix. You can find her cupcakes at @sugargardenco.

Favorite meal: Chicken Curry Laksa with Rice Noodles.

Sophie Kane: Dineamic Foodstore Manager & Nutritionist

Bachelor Food & Nutrition Science from Deakin University

You can find Sophie at our flagship store in South Yarra, she knows the ins and outs of our meals providing our customers with nutrition advice and meal recommendations, AND she makes a great coffee too! Sophie’s passionate about sustainable and environmentally friendly nutrition. Outside of work, you can find Sophie cooking up a storm for her loved ones, tending to her plants, or camping and hiking somewhere beautiful.

Favorite meal: Pumpkin and Kale Risotto.

Alicia McIntyre: Digital Marketing Coordinator & Nutritionist

Bachelor Of Science Majoring in Human Nutrition and Exercise & Sport Science, Massey University.

Our token Kiwi, Alicia works closely with our marketing and nutrition team to serve up meals and content to our customers. Passionate about gut health and mental health, she gets very excited about the fact that they also work together. Alicia is a firm believer that a healthy lifestyle should be measured on how your food and lifestyle choices make you feel, not by numbers. Obsessed with all thing's food, if Alicias not eating, she’s saving restaurants or recipes to try, she loves the ocean, being active, photography, and travelling to new places. You can find her recipes and food inspiration @alibindikitchen.

Favorite meal: Chicken Fajita with Capsicum & Red Onion on Brown Rice.

Kobe Ferteis: Customer Service Teammate & Nutritionist

Bachelor Food & Nutrition Science Majoring in Food Science from Deakin University

Office DJ and dedicated member of our customer service team, Kobe is amazing with people. You’ll can find her bubbly self at the end of our phone line, emails, and the office Spotify playlist. Kobe is always down for a laugh, but is passionate about intuitive eating and body positivity! She believes that food groups shouldn’t make you feel guilty. Managing multiple food intolerances herself, Kobe is also passionate about gut health! Outside of work Kobe loves whipping up a storm in the kitchen, riding her bike, and playing her fave song: Lovefool by the cardigans. You can find Kobe's recipes @kobekitchen.

Favorite meal: Low FODMAP Beef Bolognese with GF Penne Pasta.

Bianca Petrovski: Customer Service Teammate & Nutritionist

Bachelor of Food & Nutrition, La Trobe University

Our newest nutrition addition, Bianca has hit the ground running in our customer service team, she looking after online and wholesales customers. Passionate about women's health and child nutrition, Bianca practices and believes in nonrestrictive eating, taking the balanced approach to life. A sporty spice who won a Victorian gold medal in taekwondo and kicked goals on the soccer field, Bianca now loves reformer Pilates, eating Thai food, and posting nutrition tips and wellness inspiration to her @thenourishedbunch account.

Favorite meal: Creamy Pumpkin Gnocchi with Broccoli.

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