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Melbourne picnic spots: How to host the best picnic this summer!

[2021 Edit] Has it been 12 months already!? Not even sure how that happened... Well, let's wind the clock back to 2020 and rediscover our favourite grassy patches for socially distanced, masked-up, vaxxed-up, alfresco dining this spring/summer.


If there’s one thing we’ve come to love in 2020 it is, of course, the humble picnic. Like a good friend, it was there for us when we needed it most. And with a long summer ahead we’re sure there’s still plenty more catch-ups with friends, and celebrations with family in the great outdoors yet to come! 

It goes without saying not all picnics are created equal. We’re not trying to start some friendly rivalry…but, wait…yes, yes we are doing that. When it comes to planning your picnic, we want to help you ensure you’ve got everything required to have your event crowned this summer's best.

So what does it take to host the best outdoor picnic? Well, we’re glad you asked. We’ve spent all of spring testing out the best spots across Melbourne, decided on a few crowd-pleasing activities and can even let you in on how to be a catering king/queen… with some of our best picnic-friendly meals.  

The best picnic spots in Melbourne 

Location. Location. Location. When it comes to rolling out the rug (or setting up the table and chairs if you’re in for a full day's affair), to impress your friends and family you’ll need to pick a great picnic spot. Luckily, Melbourne is full of urban oases. Pick any of these great parks and you’re well on your way to a great picnic - you can’t go wrong! 

Edinburgh Gardens - Fitzroy North 

Image - Visit Victoria

If you call Melbourne’s North home, and you haven’t yet graced ‘Eddy Gardens’ with your presence…where have you been? With copious amounts of lush green grass to park your crew on, as well as playgrounds, barbeques, a basketball half court and a skate facility, it’s a diverse crowd pleaser. You’ll be a big fan of Edinburgh Gardens if you enjoy some atmosphere, because on a sunny day you’re likely to find (at least) half of Melbourne there! 

Princes Park - Carlton 

Image - City Of Melbourne

One of inner-Melbourne’s favourite parks, Princes Park is full of acres of lush green grass, great shady spots, dog-friendly spaces, a playground and the main attraction, its pond. It’s right near train and tram lines which make it easy to get to, and it’s near the Barkly Square shops should you need any last minute supplies. 

Fitzroy Gardens - East Melbourne 

Image - City of Melbourne 

With a rich history, Fitzroy Gardens has a diverse landscape with extensive lawns, pathways lined with trees and floral displays. The park has a number of fountains and statues, making it great for families to explore. It’s also home to Cook’s Cottage. The central location might not be great for everyone, but it’s a beautiful spot to meet if you’ve got friends or family meeting up from across Melbourne!  

Botanical Gardens - St Kilda 

Image - Visit Victoria

Sprawling over 38 hectares, urban parks really don’t get any better than this. The Royal Botanic Gardens is home to over 50,000 plants from all around the world. There’s plenty of space to pick the perfect spot for your picnic, and with a number of educational pieces throughout it’s great for kids to learn and explore. With numerous lakes, islands and sculptures, you’ll love getting lost in this stunning park! 

Catani Gardens - St Kilda 

Image - Visit Victoria

If you’re after views of Port Phillip Bay and the smell of salt in the air, then Catani Gardens is the spot for your perfect picnic. With palms lining the paths, and the beach just metres away, you’ll be transported away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD. There are barbecues on site, playgrounds with shade sails and some great shady spots under trees. Popular with southsiders, it’s easy to see why so many love catching up with their mates here!  

Treasury Gardens - East Melbourne 

Image - Visit Victoria

Last, but not least on our list is smack-bang right in the heart of Melbourne, Treasury Gardens. One of Melbourne’s oldest gardens, it’s a short walk from the CBD and a great spot to soak up some sun and enjoy the company of some friends and family. With a fountain as its centrepiece, many retreat here after work to recoup some energy and enjoy some time with workmates. Level up your Friday work drinks by hosting a picnic here! 

Up your picnic game with these picnic games


Definitely a crowd favourite, bocce (or boule) is a great activity for your picnic. There’s nothing to set up, and it’s relatively easy to transport. Play in singles, or in pairs and let the games begin! 

Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Cricket 

You can’t pass up some sport. We are in Melbourne after all. Volleyball is a great one, and you don’t need a net. Simply see how long you and your friends can keep the ball up in the air! If you’ve got the numbers, split the group and setup for a cricket match. Just be sure to lay out the rules before you start. One hand, one bounce? Can’t go out first bowl?

Wine/Beer Tasting 

Want to take things up a notch? This is bound to get your picnic awarded the best of the summer. Turn yourself into a wine snob or beer connoisseur for the day, and take your friends or family through a tasting session. You’ll have to do a bit of research beforehand, but everyone will love this activity! 

What about catering at picnics?

Catering for picnics doesn't need to be hard. If you’ve got a diverse bunch to cater for, and you want the best picnic foods, we’ve got you covered. Whether you have members of your crew who are strictly vegan, part-time vegetarian, or need gluten or dairy-free, we have something delicious for them.

If you’re near a friends place, try serving up some of our delicious meals for one. Or, if you’re looking for a delicious, refreshing salad for those warm summer days, try our Chicken, Pumpkin & Couscous Salad, our Cypriot Salad, or Mexican Chickpea Salad - you might just have to use one of those games to see who gets first pick!

Shop with Dineamic and please the crowd at your next picnic! 

Well, you’re well on your way to a fantastic summer picnic! When you shop with Dineamic, you and your guests will be feasting on delicious, perfectly portioned, farm-fresh meals. You’re also saving a lot of plastic too, thanks to our Halopack packaging. 

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