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Is Meal Planning The New Meal Prep?

When we say ‘Meal Prep’ you’re probably thinking of neatly lined up & perfectly portioned meals row after row. Firstly, who has time for that, and secondly, who has that much tupperware & how do they still have all the lids?! 

Well, we’re here to say; gone are the days where meal prep on the weekend is the only way to get healthy meals portioned & ready for the week ahead. With our meals and some clever planning you’ll be on your way to getting more time for life and saving your time on the weekends for things you actually enjoy! 

So let’s dive in & look at why we think meal planning with Dineamic is the new meal prep.  

Get Your Weekend Back! 

Weekends are for relaxing, spending time with your family & friends and going on adventures. So why make more work & unnecessarily stay in the kitchen cooking for hours? 

Meal Planning with Dineamic meals is the easiest way to reduce your time in the kitchen (or skip it all together)Our meals are designed to fit with your week so choose what works best with your schedule & you’ll be able to enjoy cooking when you actually have the time. 
If you don’t like cooking (Or have zero time/ energy) then go for the tray meals. Just zap them in the microwave & you’ve got a balanced meal ready to go. 
Perfect for work lunches or a super-fast dinner, try the Korma Lamb Curry with Rice. 
If you don’t mind a little bit of cooking then our mains are the way to go. They’re two serves, and you can decide what you put with them (think a little bit of carb & a little bit of greenery). 
Perfect for a fast dinner for two or more people, try the Moroccan Lamb Tagine paired with some Greek yoghurt, or, our Chicken Burrito Mix with tortillas, fresh tomato & lettuce for a fast vegan burrito.  

Minimal prep, loads of flavour. 

Change It Up 

Variety can be a challenge when it comes to traditional meal prepping. This comes in two forms – taste and nutrition. 

If you’re trying to be healthy, then there’s something to be said for getting excited about what you’re eating. Think about it… at the end of the day, if you enjoy eating healthy food because it tastes great, then you’re more likely to stick with it and continue your healthy journey.   

In contrast, having the same prepped meal 5 days in a row can be boring meaning that you don’t want to do it all over again the next week.  

By using Dineamic meals in your meal planning, you’ll be able to change it up with a new healthy meal each day. No extra ingredients to buy, no extra cooking required. That could mean Chicken & Chorizo Paella for lunch on Monday, a fragrant Chicken Curry Laksa for lunch on Wednesday, and a Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Curry for lunch on Friday. 

Another positive of changing up your meals is that you’ll likely end up with a more balanced diet thanks to a range of different proteins, carbohydrates and veggies. A larger variation in your meals can mean a wider array of nutrients, diversity for your gut bacteria and less risk of nutrient deficiencies as no one food has the optimum amount of all nutrients.  

Allergies Can Be Easy 

In the past, meal prepping at home has been the only option for many with food allergies and dietary requirements. That (thankfully) is no longer the case, we have so many customers who struggle with this, particularly when it comes to Gluten Free, Low FODMAP or even Vegan meal options, which is exactly why we have the offering that we do. Forget the prep & check out our options like the super delicious Low FODMAP Chicken & Vegetable Risotto.

Feel Confident Around Food 

Meal planning is a great way to get to know a variety of foods and how your body reacts to them. This is as much about education as anything else. Getting to know about portion sizing, what food is ‘healthy’, and what you feel good eating, means that for the times where you can’t plan exactly what you're going to eat, you’re in a position to make informed decisions. And before you ask, yes, your informed choice can be pancakes for brunch. Its called balance people! 

Our meals are balanced portions and we work with our chefs, dietitians & nutritionists to ensure we’re hitting healthy nutritional levels in our meals including fat, protein, carbohydrates & sugar. Not to mention getting some good servings of veggies into each meal. 


There you have it. Meal planning with our meals is a super easy option for anyone who wants more time on their hands, but at the end of the day we recommend finding what works best for you & your life. The great thing is, our meals can fit in with whatever life throws at you and are a great option to include in your meal planning or even as a back up in the freezer for when you need us without warning. In our freezer now, in yours when you need it. 

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