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Convenient bundles of the best ready meals—packed full of nutrition and packaged at an unbeatable price.


What is a Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB)?

Build Your Own Bundle allows you to customise a selection of our delicious and healthy meals according to your preferences.

How does the Build Your Own Bundle work?

Create your personalised bundle by mixing and matching a diverse selection of meals.
Once you've curated the perfect combination and reached the desired number of meals, seamlessly add them to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Can I make changes to the bundles?

We do not offer customisation options for our meal bundles as it is a fixed bundles. However, we strive to create bundles that cater to various dietary preferences, so please feel free to pass on your feedback to our Customer Service team.

Kindly be aware that complimentary shipping applies only to orders totaling $115 or more.

Is there a discount for ordering a BYOB compared to individual meals?

Absolutely! We've got three fantastic bundles, each with its own number of meals and exclusive discounts. For a detailed breakdown, head over to our website.

Is the Build Your Own Bundle option exclusive to ready-made meals, or can it include meals for two, soups, snacks, and drinks as well?

The Build Your Own Bundle feature is specifically for individual ready-made meals.

How do I order the bundle?

To order refresh meal bundles, simply browse through our available options and select the bundle that suits your dietary preferences and portion size. Add the bundle to your cart and proceed to checkout. We will then deliver the bundle to your doorstep, ready to be enjoyed.

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