Free Delivery on Orders over $99
Free delivery for orders over $99

Starter Bundle

Exactly as it says - If this is your first time, then we'll make it easy for you with healthy wholesome meals delivered to your door. You'll be so much better for it.

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Everyday Health

Made for those who are fussy about what they eat and where it all came from. Healthy options that you can choose to suit your dietary requirements.

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Lean & Clean

No fat, no bad, no problem. Just lean cuisine that makes every meal and snack just that bit better for you.

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Sport Nutrition

High performance meals and snacks just like the ones we supply to some of Australia's premier athletes and sports teams.

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Why People Love Us

I recently ordered the Lean and Clean meal plan and wanted to let you know, the food is amazing. The taste is fantastic and, very well balanced. Thank you!
P.s. I had one of the soups today and, it did not disappoint!

- Jenn -

I just wanted to thank your entire team. Your meals have been going so well for me. I'm feeling stronger, healthier and energetic - a contrast to years of struggle.

- Amy -

It's nice to know that I can decide on what meal we are going to have in the morning and not stress about having to shop, prepare and cook!!

- Meagan -

I have never had a 'home deliver' that tastes so wonderful, so flavoursome and perfectly balanced and seasoned... and so good for us.

- Kerry -


We start at the source. We believe to be your best you need to eat the best. Nutrient rich seasonal foods that are locally grown is key. Dineamic offers a no fads, no fuss approach to high quality nutrition. Our wide and varied seasonal menus with perennial favourites and sensational signature dishes are available to meet all kinds of dietary needs. We simply want you to be better for it.

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We are a registered NDIS provider.
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