Dineamic Care Package

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Sometimes people just need some help in the kitchen; whether they have their hands full with a new born child, too busy taking care of loved ones to look after themselves, or just flat out being so amazing for everyone else that they have no time to get into the kitchen.
Why not send in the Dineamic Chefs to do all the hard work in putting some Delicious Nutritious Food onto tables fast.

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Dineamic Soups - 400g (1 Serve)

2x Chicken & Corn Soup

2x Sweet Potato, Coconut & Turmeric

Dineamic Mains - 500g (2 Serves)

1x Beef Bolognese

1x Soy & Ginger Beef

1x Chicken Burrito Mix

1x Pork San Choy Bow

2x Tuscan Chicken

Dineamic Risottos & Lasagnes - 400g (1 Serve)

1x Beef Lasagne

1x Vegetable Lasagne

1x Chicken & Chorizo Paella (360g)

2x Chicken & Mushroom Risotto (360g)

2x Vegetarian Fried Rice

Nutritional Info

Stove Top:
Defrost pouch. Immerse bag in boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes or until heated through.

Defrost pouch. Cut bag along line above and heat in microwave on high for 3-4minutes or until heated through.